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kids birthday parties

Choose a Kids Birthday Party with a Difference and Make Lasting Memories.

Remember playing in the mud as a kid and building mud cakes and all sorts of things from a mixture of sand and water? Who could forget that squishy, cold and wet mud between their fingers? Today more and more children don’t get to enjoy the tactile, messy experiences the outdoors has to offer in a safe environment. At Cathrine’s Creations- Pottery Classes children have a chance to get closer to nature, by working in clay, learning and playing at the same time.

A great way for kids to start out in clay is by hosting a kids birthday party with a difference. At Cathrine’s Creations you can book a kids birthday party where your child and up to 9 other friends can come along and make a souvenir to remember the special day. A no-mess, no-fuss solution to a small child’s birthday party. Here kids will get a chance to play while learning and make a keepsake to cherish forever. On the benefits of introducing clay to children Cathrine says, “I have seen very positive self-esteem growth as children start making items that they are proud of. They enjoy giving gifts to friends and family that they make in my classes.” Mandy, a mother of children who recently attended the studio said, “What a lovely day out it proved to be. Cathrine was amazing at explaining how to wedge the clay and inspired creativity in both my kids. They were totally absorbed in the process of creating some unique pottery.”

Working with clay helps children to develop hand and eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, creativity and imagination. It is a tactile, multi-sensory experience with endless possibilities. With Cathrine’s guidance children can manipulate clay into various shapes by bending, coiling, twisting, rolling and flattening it and then creating a three-dimensional object which encourages spatial awareness.

If you are looking for a unique experience for your child’s birthday get in touch with Cathrine on 084 953 2737 and make a booking for a special day out. The studio is located in Sunnydale, where Cathrine will assist the kids in making lasting memories. Choose clay for the special day!